A clinical advance with a novel mechanism of action: What will its uptake look like?

With no obvious analogues and mixed messages from previous demand and qualitative research, our client was unsure what their novel asset’s uptake would look like. Inpharmation had the ideal approach to provide validated insights and evidence-based results…

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Final market share potential looked promising…

Our client was a leading player in a neurology indication and knew the market well. They were planning to launch a novel asset in multiple indications where competition was fierce. They already licensed Inpharmation’s forecasting software (FlexiCast™) and had conducted demand market research with us.

The final market share potential looked promising and naturally our client was getting excited as the launch approached.

…but what about uptake rates?

Our client had already heavily invested in demand research as well as various qualitative research studies. These had provided mixed messages:

  1. The asset’s efficacy profile was very much preferred over established treatments, contributing to a promising outlook for final market share.
  2. However, a novel mechanism of action, which introduced the need for physicians to monitor patients, had raised a note of caution amongst neurologists and primary care physicians. This made the speed with which prescribers would adopt the asset less certain.

Searching for analogues looked like the obvious answer, but none existed… 

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