Where do you start with pricing when the future landscape is unknown?

Limited clinical trial data, multiple lines of treatment and a changing pricing landscape presented challenges for the pricing assessment of an innovative oncology asset. However, Inpharmation’s evidence-based techniques were able to provide a flexible solution within the customer’s tight timelines.

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Pricing recommendations were needed for an innovative oncology asset

Our client, a leading pharma company, wanted an initial pricing assessment for an innovative oncology asset which was expected to offer significant clinical benefits over the standard of care (SOC) in multiple indications.

With a ‘blank slate’ on pricing, our client turned to Inpharmation for an efficient pricing approach.

But there were challenges

  • The indication’s pricing landscape was likely to change prior to the launch of the asset. This was further complicated by the impending loss of exclusivity (LOE) for comparators and combination partners.
  • The asset was in early clinical trials and not all the data had read-out. For example, only progression free survival (PFS) data was available and median overall survival (mOS) needed to be inferred.
  • There were multiple lines of treatment that the asset might be used in.
  • There was no time for payer-facing research.

Behavior-Based Pricing™ provided a flexible solution in this changing landscape…

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