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Providing evidence-based forecasting services and solutions to the pharmaceutical industry

Around 100 years ago, medicine was highly ineffective (“I can treat syphilis and very little else”). Ditto marketing: “I know half my marketing is wasted – but which half?”. Today medicine is being transformed – largely by the successes of the pharmaceutical industry. But paradoxically, pharmaceutical forecasting remains remarkably inefficient and increasingly ineffective.

This is largely due to the lack of training for practitioners. It takes around 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. Doctors train for that long. But many pharmaceutical forecasters are practising after less than 100 hours training. As a result, they are at the mercy of consultants who profess to have technical expertise that will increase their clients’ revenues, but whose actual expertise is in increasing their own revenues.

Inpharmation’s aim is to address this gap, to provide evidence-based forecasting services and solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Years Inpharmation has been pioneering evidence-based forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry.
95% of the top-20 global pharma companies use Inpharmation’s evidence-based forecasting services in addition to the majority of the top-50.

Because Inpharmation is a full-service forecasting consultancy, we offer an evidence-based approach that has been tailored to your sector’s specific forecasting requirements, including:

  • Pricing and market access Pharmaceutical value-based pricing and market access research is often based upon methodologies and models that were neither developed to answer the strategic business questions posed by the pharmaceutical industry nor validated to demonstrate their suitability for this application. Inpharmation has developed a battery of Pharma-SpecificTM research methodologies and pricing models that have been developed for and, most importantly, validated for the pharma industry.
  • Forecasting Pharmaceutical Sales forecasts are frequently developed using principles that have never been validated for pharmaceutical forecasting projects. Inpharmation has developed a battery of Pharma-Specific forecasting models and approaches that have either been developed specifically for pharma forecasts or validated for real pharma brands.
  • International pricing International pricing strategies are often developed based upon incomplete representations of the global pricing system, either due to a lack of information or a lack of sophistication in the reference pricing solution. Inpharmation has developed a suite of international reference pricing solutions that provide accurate systems information, model the full complexity of the system and provide strategic pricing insights.
  • Market research Pharmaceutical marketing research is awash with generic approaches which have been shown to produce poor forecasts with the sample sizes available to the pharmaceutical industry. Inpharmation has developed a Pharma-Specific quantitative research platform that has been extensively validated against real-world pharma market shares.

Working with Inpharmation transforms you into an evidence-based forecasting expert

Running Europe’s leading pharmaceutical forecasting, value pricing and market access training course, Inpharmation excel at communicating strategic insights on every project delivered. With two decades experience delivering bespoke forecasting solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, Inpharmation has developed solutions that are not only Pharma-Specific, but that are tailored to your brand forecast and strategic business questions.



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