About Us

Inpharmation is an established forecasting consultancy with a core aim of improving forecasting for the pharma industry

Inpharmation excels at forecasting modern pharmaceuticals, in fact if you consider any modern pharmaceutical, there’s a 50/50 chance that it has been priced or forecast using Inpharmation’s research and technologies. Founded in 1998, we have grown so that our clients now include all the world’s top 10 pharma companies – and most of the top 50. So, naturally we have expertise in forecasting:

  • All stages of the product pipeline From in-licensing opportunities, to early-stage development, through to launch-phase and end-of-lifecycle dynamics.
  • All therapeutic areas From ultra-orphans and rare disease forecasts, through to mature therapeutic areas and competitive environments.
  • All levels of product innovation From ultra-innovative therapies with novel treatment mechanisms to me-too brands, competing to find a niche in a crowded market.

Inpharmation has provided market predictions for 50% of modern pharmaceuticals.
100% of the top-20 global pharma companies (and the majority of the top-50) have used Inpharmation’s forecasting platforms and research approaches.

Inpharmation’s core aim is to improve forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry and for nearly two decades, Gary and a team of like-minded colleagues, has developed a unique suite of evidence-based pricing and forecasting methodologies to do this. The No. 1 problem of the pharmaceutical industry is that pricing and forecasting is almost always done using unscientific and invalid approaches.

We’re driven to solve the problems of the pharma-industry because our founder and Managing Director, Gary Johnson, was a senior pharma executive who experienced a problem with pharma pricing and forecasting and set about fixing it.

Two decades later, the widespread use of our technologies by the world’s leading pharma companies attests to our success so far. And in a constantly evolving environment for pharmaceuticals, our technologies constantly adapt to track and foresee the changes that the industry faces.


Our business culture

Inpharmation is based just outside London, England, in the Thames Valley – one of the world’s major pharma industry clusters. Our leadership, company structure and strategy is designed to ensure long-term growth and stability. As a result of this:
  • Our company is a privately held, limited company, so we are able to take a long term view – focussing on the excellence of our pricing and forecasting technologies and not quarterly results.
  • We are very conservatively financed and maintain the highest credit rating scores, meaning that Inpharmation is a stable and secure partner to work with.
  • Our shares and directorships are held by a small group of senior employees. We have no outside shareholders to pull us away from our focus on the long term and on technical excellence.


Inpharmation employees all have three things in common: we’re smart, we get things done and we’re great to work with. Apart from that, we’re a diverse group; our interests and lifestyles are very different – and we value this. Our degrees range from medical science, biological science, economics, physics, and computer science to name a few.

As we grow, we will broaden our share ownership amongst our management team through an options program carefully structured to – unlike many options programs – incentivise only long-term sustainable growth driven by providing value to our clients.

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