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Executive training courses for the pharmaceutical industry

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Pharma industry’s leading executive training courses

Inpharmation provide the industry’s leading forecasting, pricing and market access pharmaceutical training courses. As well as gaining insight from our decades of experience in providing strategic recommendations in all pharmaceutical forecasting sectors, you’ll learn about:
  • The timeless principles of forecasting. Enduring principles that hold constant even in today’s fast changing environment.
  • Pharma-Specific™ forecasting methodologies and techniques. Forecasting agencies frequently use techniques that are inappropriate for the pharmaceutical forecasts, make sure you know which forecasting approaches to use for your specific business questions.

  • Forecasting approaches specific for your situation. Forecasting approaches need to be tailored to your specific situations, make sure you know which approaches should be used for your brand life-cycle stage, launch countries and therapeutic area.

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What can evidence-based insights do for you?

Inpharmation champion an evidence-based approach to forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry. By attending this training course you’ll receive a focussed overview of the forecast approaches, models and methodologies that have been proven to work for the pharmaceutical industry. Don’t just take our word for it; Inpharmation are highly rated by 93% of course attendees.

Course participants receive a free copy of industry-leading forecasting texts by Gary Johnson. A number of the world’s leading pharma companies batch order this book to help instil an evidence-based approach to forecasting in their organizations.

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We have approaches for which ever stage of your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle you are at. Behavior-based pricing and econometric pricing models for early stage assets. Payer summit, Payer conjoint and probabilistic van Westendorp for products coming to market.

We also offer international system models and price-demand elasticity models for products near or past launch.

Running Europe’s leading pharmaceutical pricing for market access executive training courses; Inpharmation places great importance on transferring knowledge and skills to you, on every project you work with us on.


Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing Research

Evidence-based surveys

By Gary Johnson

Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals

An evidence-based approach

By Gary Johnson

Value Pricing for Market Access

Evidence-based pricing for pharmaceuticals

By Gary Johnson

Pharma-Specific Conjoint

Evidence-based conjoint analysis for an evidence-based industry

By Gary Johnson

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