FlexiCast™ Epi-Estimating Tools

Providing evidence-based epi-estimating tools to the pharmaceutical industry

FlexiCast includes Pharma-Specific tools for estimating key assumptions

Many of the great pharma forecasting failures have focused too much on market shares and too little on the size of the market. Forecasting whether and by how much a market will grow is the “high-wire” act of pharma forecasting. Yet, forecasting this growth is essential when you are dealing with treatments for under-treated conditions or with breakthrough treatments.

Inpharmation’s pharmaceutical modelling software includes 5 powerful tools to help estimate key forecast assumptions, when your existing epidemiological sources lack data. This means that when you need to create a new forecast with limited resources, FlexiCast can quickly recommend evidence-based assumptions. The following tools are included:

  • Market expansion: estimate if your new treatment could increase the size of the treated patient population.
  • Epi-cascade: quickly build up a simple interpolated epi-cascade in <6 clicks.
  • Adjustor: infer sensible epi cascade assumptions, including prevalence and treatment rates, from simple “best-guess” assumptions.
  • Compliance estimator: estimate patient compliance using a calculator based on treatment characteristics and therapy-area dynamics.
  • Continuation estimator: estimate continuation rates using a calculator based on therapy-area specific data sources.
Powerful tools to help estimate assumptions for the key levels of your forecast cascade.

“… the largest advantage to this tool is the ability to easily update the assumptions…”

“Owing to the successful implementation of FlexiCast… and the acceptance of the methodology by Sr. Management, a decision has been made to expand usage…”

Top 10 Pharma Company

“Europe’s most respected pharma forecasting specialist consultancy.”

Centre For Executive Leadership for Pharma

“The FlexiCast tool can help with many aspects of the sales forecasting process, even as an add on to existing tools you are already using.”

Top 10 Pharma Company

Evidence-based pharma forecasting software

40% of the top-50 global pharma companies use Inpharmation’s evidence-based forecasting platform. When you need accurate and reliable forecasts, you need solutions that are based upon validated, pharma-specific models and tools.
Most importantly, your Pharma-Specific™ forecasting software needs to be specific to your brand’s therapy area:
  • With 73 different forecast models, FlexiCast has evidence-based forecast models that are appropriate for all main therapy areas.
  • Inpharmation’s oncology-specific forecast models have been validated in the major tumor types, across EU5, US and Japan.
  • Inpharmation’s core share models have been validated across 24 of the major therapeutic areas for EU5, US and Japan.

Included in all FlexiCast software licenses is industry-leading software training. 93% of pricing and market access course attendees highly rate our forecasting training.

The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals: An Evidence-Based Approach by Inpharmation’s founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson.

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