Cloud-based affiliate pricing integration, powered by Cloud-SheetsTM

Providing evidence-based affiliate pricing integration to the pharmaceutical industry

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing solutions are powered by Flexi-IRP’s database of international reference pricing rules; when you need to bring in more referencing data your affiliates need to be integrated into the reference pricing process.

Building on decades of our web-based data collection platform, Cloud-Sheets is a simple cloud-based data collection portal for your affiliate international reference pricing data:

  • A completely adaptive system minimizes affiliate burden to maximize the quality of your insights.
  • A simple, natural language user-interface collects all the complex reference pricing data from your affiliates.
  • A completely scalable system allows you to capture data from 100 countries and up to 500 users.
Affiliate countries that can be integrated with a Cloud-Sheets data collection module.

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing rules database fits to the requirements of your pricing and market access environment:
  • A simple and quick solution: Cloud-Sheets data entry is a simple solution that adapts to the referencing complexity in each country.
  • A low-risk and trusted solution: Inpharmation’s reference pricing rules database has evolved over time to meet the requirements of the pharma industry. Cloud-Sheets includes maintenance to incorporate new referencing effects as they develop, so your solution remains at the forefront of reference pricing capabilities.
  • A secure solution: minimal data collected in online portal, all communication is made using SSL encryption with firewalling and on-site security.
  • A reliable solution: built on decades of experience developing online data collection solutions, with 99.9% server uptime to maximize stability.
Reliability, as measured by server uptime.

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Evidence-based affiliate pricing integration

For the past two decades, Inpharmation has championed an approach to strategic international reference pricing analysis that is built upon a solid evidence-base. This means that all Inpharmation’s affiliate pricing integration is based upon:

  • Actively applied latest international and internal reference pricing methodologies.
  • Independently-sourced reference pricing data, with direct inputs from national health agencies where available.
  • Principles actively applied to minimize price erosion in the real-world forecasts for top-50 pharma companies.
Included in all Inpharmation’s international pricing project deliverables is industry leading training. 91% of pricing and market access course attendees highly rate our forecasting training


The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Value Pricing for Market Access: Evidence-Based Pricing for Pharmaceuticals by Inpharmation’s Managing Director, Gary Johnson.

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