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Inpharmation deliver the pharmaceutical industry’s leading pricing and market access training course. As well as gaining insight from our decades of experience in providing pricing and market access strategic recommendations, you’ll learn about:
  • How payer education can increase the validity of payer research and, for example, increase a measure of question comprehension up to 3x.*
  • How using validated pharmaceutical pricing research methods are up to 79% more accurate than traditional pricing research methods.**
  • How using econometric methods can help you achieve up to a 93% success rate when investigating the market access prospects for your brand.***

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*Increase in measure of payer understanding of questionnaire following Payer Summit process.
**Independent comparison of direct pricing methodologies.
***Based on econometric modelling 93% predictive validity.
Proportion of course attendees rating as satisfied.

Many hundreds of pharma executives are alumni of the Value Pricing for Market Access Course delivered by Inpharmation’s Founder and Managing Director, Gary Johnson. The course is held in Brussels and other major European cities, organized under the auspices of the Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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This is the industry’s leading pharma market access training course because it explains:
  • The Timeless Principles of Pricing and Market Access: Enduring principles that hold constant even in today’s fast changing environment.
  • The Language of Pharma Pricing and Market Access: Clarity on the concepts and language that confuse many pharma executives.
  • Major National Pricing and Market Access Systems: A helicopter view of pricing and market access systems and learn how all country pricing systems fall into one of just a very few prototypes.
  • Health Economics and Pricing: Why setting prices with health economics is not the same as defending prices with health economics.
  • How Payers Respond to Your Product’s Profile: Measuring the strength of your clinical profile and how much “pricing power” it affords you.
  • Talking to Payers: Evidence-based techniques for getting the most accurate feedback when you conduct pricing research with payers.
  • Analyzing Payer Behavior to Predict Market Access: Past payer behaviour as a powerful predictor and explainer of future pricing behaviour.
  • The International Pricing System: Correctly predict its impact on your prices around the globe.
  • Implementing a Pricing and Market Access Strategy: How to implement a strategy and what to do when you run into trouble.
Pharmaceutical executive training course attendees since 2007, total pharmaceutical executives trained >1000.

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Evidence-based pharma market access training

Inpharmation champion an evidence-based approach to forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry; by attending this training course you’ll receive a focussed overview of the forecast approaches, models and methodologies that have been proven to work for the pharmaceutical industry. Don’t just take our word for it – 93% of course attendees are highly satisfied by the course.

Course participants receive a free copy of the industry-leading text Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals: An Evidence Based Approach by Gary Johnson. A number of the world’s leading pharma companies batch order this book to help instil an evidence-based approach to forecasting in their organizations.

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Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing Research

Evidence-based surveys

By Gary Johnson

Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals

An evidence-based approach

By Gary Johnson

Value Pricing for Market Access

Evidence-based pricing for pharmaceuticals

By Gary Johnson

Pharma-Specific Conjoint

Evidence-based conjoint analysis for an evidence-based industry

By Gary Johnson

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