What we do

We deliver unique, evidence-based approaches that allow pharma companies to get the most valid:

Pricing surveys. Most pharma pricing surveys ask questions that have been proven to deliver biased results. We ask questions that deliver valid, unbiased estimates of your product’s pricing potential. And we can show you the proof.

Pricing predictive analytics. When it comes to predicting payers’ response to price, “actions speak louder than words”. Inpharmation analyses payers’ past decisions – using machine learning and econometrics – to deliver powerful predictions of your pricing potential.

International reference pricing. We have developed the industry’s most comprehensive algorithms to capture the full impact of reference pricing.

Market research. We don’t use the general-purpose approaches that most other agencies use which are better suited to consumer products like Coca Cola. Our approaches are designed and validated for the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the pharma industry. We have techniques that can deal with pharma constraints such as too few respondents available to survey.

Forecasting. Most forecasts are evidence-free zones. Our forecasting software allows you to apply scientifically proven forecasting principles. Using our software, you can drop the most powerful pharma-validated forecasting techniques into your spreadsheets in seconds.

Think of any modern pharmaceutical, and there is a 50:50 chance it has been priced or forecasted using Inpharmation’s technologies.

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