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Providing evidence-based parallel trade forecasts to the pharmaceutical industry

Add parallel trade insights to your demand forecasts

Inpharmation has decades of experience delivering complex systems models and analysis to the pharmaceutical industry and has developed a powerful parallel trade model that can be integrated into your international reference pricing solution:
  • All parallel trade forecasts are based on modelling the full complexity of the parallel trade system, with high-resolution monthly results based upon more than 2.8m potential flows.
  • Many of the top-50 pharma industry use Inpharmation’s international reference pricing solutions to run strategic price forecasts.
Scale of flows included in the parallel trade model included in your IRP tool.

Inpharmation’s parallel trade software scales and fits to the requirements of your pricing and market access environment:
  • An effective solution: the accuracy of your strategic pharmaceutical parallel trade forecast is dependent upon your international pricing forecasts. Inpharmation provides access to a truly global reference pricing rules database with over 3540 bits of reference pricing information to maximize your forecast insights.
  • A low-risk and trusted solution: because it has evolved over decades to meet the requirements of many of the top-50 global pharma companies.
  • An integrated solution: parallel trade forecast modules can be linked to net pricing, international reference pricing and affiliate input modules to maximize your forecast insights.
Years experience of complex systems modelling.

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Evidence-based Parallel Trade forecasting

For the past two decades, Inpharmation has championed an approach to strategic international parallel trade and pricing analysis that is built upon a solid evidence-base. The extent of parallel trade for a given pharmaceutical depends upon:

  • The price differentials amongst countries: parallel traders obviously prefer large differentials.
  • The sales value of the pharmaceutical in question: parallel traders prefer to target bigger selling products.
  • The countries involved: some countries are particularly susceptible.
  • Supply constraints and distribution limitations in the exporting country.

The resulting levels of parallel trade between countries are relatively predictable and are described by a set of “power laws” known as the “parallel trade equations”.

Powerful parallel trade modelling can be provided as part of Inpharmation’s industry-leading international price modelling platform. Included in all Inpharmation’s international pricing project deliverables is industry leading training. 91% of pricing and market access course attendees highly rate our forecasting training.

The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Value Pricing for Market Access: Evidence-Based Pricing for Pharmaceuticals by Inpharmation’s founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson.

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