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Delivering evidence-based international reference pricing solutions to the pharma industry

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An Evidence-Base For Pharma Price Forcasts

Inpharmation takes an evidence-based approach to international reference pricing (IRP) forecasts, this means all our services:
  • Capture the full complexity of the reference pricing system.
  • Communicate forecast drivers using clear and simple rules, not vague assumptions.
  • Are engineered for efficiency and stability.
The world’s leading pharma companies work with Inpharmation when they need international pricing forecasts built upon a solid evidence-base, including:
  • International reference pricing rules database with full global coverage.
  • The industry-leading strategic IRP strategy simulator.
  • The industry-leading launch optimization engine.

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing simulators have been developed over two decades, specifically for the strategic analysis requirements of global pharma pricing and market access teams. Because 7 of the top-10 countries, ranked by pharmaceutical sales, use IRP as part of the pricing and reimbursement agreement process, no pricing strategy can ignore the impact of reference pricing.

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What can evidence-based international reference pricing do for you?

Inpharmation has spent decades modelling the growth of the international reference pricing system (sometimes known as the external reference pricing or international price referencing system).

If you’re modelling the international reference pricing system right now, you’ll know the frustration of trying to capture all the complexity of a complex system. Inpharmation’s evidence-based international reference pricing database captures a reference pricing system of over 90 countries and the complexities of 33 different reference pricing methodologies.

When you start a project with Inpharmation you get access to our decades of experience in delivering pricing solutions based upon models and methodologies that have been extensively validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry to gain market access.

We have approaches for which ever stage of your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle you are at. Behavior-based pricing and econometric pricing models for early stage assets. Payer summit, Payer conjoint and probabilistic van Westendorp for products coming to market. We also have international system models and price-demand elasticity models for products near or past launch.

Running Europe’s leading pharmaceutical pricing for market access executive training courses; Inpharmation places great importance on transferring knowledge and skills to you, on every project you work with us on.

The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Principles of Pharmaceutical Pricing: An Evidence-Based Approach by Inpharmation’s Managing Director, Gary Johnson.

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