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Inpharmation delivers the pharmaceutical industry’s leading forecasting training course. As well as gaining insight from decades of experience in providing strategic recommendations to pharmaceutical forecasters, business development and marketing teams, you’ll learn about:
  • How using validated peak share models can reduce your forecast error by up to 75%.*
  • How using combined forecast approaches can reduce forecast error up to 70%.**
  • The forecast approaches, models and methodologies that have been validated for use in real-world pharmaceutical industry forecasts.
Upcoming dates & locations of The Pharma Forecasting Course:
14-15 December 2023, live online
7-8 March 2024, face-to-face in Brussels
4-5 June 2024, live online
1-2 October 2024, face-to-face in Brussels
19-20 December 2024, live online
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*Taking a combined approach vs. a standard dilution model approach.
**Based on a combination of extrapolation methods vs. an uncombined random-walk approach.
Proportion of course attendees rating as satisfied.

Many global pharma executives are alumni of the Pharma Forecasting Course delivered by Inpharmation’s Founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson. The course is held online or in Brussels and other major European cities, organized under the auspices of the Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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The course provides a powerful introduction to evidence-based forecasting, including:
The proven principles of forecasting: enduring principles for producing the most accurate forecasts.
  • Epi and patient based forecasting: including explanations of the differences in approaches, when they should be used and how to best apply them.
  • Market access: how to build market access correctly into your forecasts.
  • Market share forecasting: including the simple models that provide the best forecasts.
  • Uptake models: why different products are taken up by the market at different speeds and how to model this.
  • Extrapolation techniques: including how to project a trend in the most accurate way.
  • Forecast data sources: the sources of data likely to be available to you, and the advantages and disadvantages of different source types.
  • How to deal with special pharma considerations: forecasting in speciality markets like oncology, and markets with co-prescription, treatment steps or lines of therapy etc.
Pharmaceutical executive training course attendees

“An Evidence Based Approach” immediately applicable to practice! A great approach to this Tough topic.”

Global Big Pharma

“Very useful course, experience and evidence-based, ready to use in my daily work”.

Global Big Pharma

“It was an excellent course, probably one of the best I ever had (many exercises, clear messages and methods)! Superb.”


“Great expertise + ability to explain things in an “easy” way.”

Global Big Pharma

“Interesting course explaining the concept of forecasting. Very good speaker. It makes me look forward to do my next forecast.”

Global Big Pharma

“Excellent course!”

Global Pharma

“Learnt a lot”.

Top 30 Pharma Company

Evidence-based pharma market access training

Inpharmation champions an evidence-based approach to forecasting for the pharmaceutical industry. By attending this training course you’ll receive a focused overview of the forecast approaches, models and methodologies that have been proven to work for the pharmaceutical industry. Don’t just take our word for it – 93% of course attendees are highly satisfied by the course.

Course participants receive a free copy of the industry-leading text Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals: An Evidence-based Approach by Gary Johnson. A number of the world’s leading pharma companies batch order this book to help instill an evidence-based approach to forecasting in their organizations.

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Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals

An evidence-based approach

By Gary Johnson

Value Pricing for Market Access

Evidence-based pricing for pharmaceuticals

By Gary Johnson

Pharma-Specific Conjoint

Evidence-based conjoint analysis for an evidence-based industry

By Gary Johnson

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