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Delivering Pharma-Specific™ market research to the pharmaceutical industry

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Pharma-Specific Market Research Platform

Inpharmation’s Pharma-Specific research platform allows an evidence-based approach to quantitative market research. It provides:
  • Conjoint analysis with predictions extensively validated against real-world pharma market shares: whereas most conjoint “validation” studies involve, for example, the ability to predict MBA students’ hypothetical holiday destination selections.
  • Reduced sample-size requirements based on proper power-calculations: made possible by question structures proven to deliver massively more reliable responses.
  • Pharma-Specific research deliverables: shaped by the requirements of the world’s biggest pharma companies over many years, rather than off-the-shelf deliverables targeted at consumer-goods and many other industries.

48% of top-50 global pharmaceutical companies are already using Inpharmation’s demand forecasting approaches because of the huge benefits they offer. Inpharmation’s Pharma-Specific research platform brings industry best-practice forecasting techniques to answer your research questions, essential to sell forecast results to top decision makers.

"Europe's most respected pharma forecasting & pricing specialist consultancy."

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What can evidence-based market research do for you?

Built upon evidence-based research methodologies, evidence-based questionnaire design and pharma-validated forecast approaches, Inpharmation has developed the only Pharma-Specific market research platform.

If you have ever been frustrated with complex research proposals that have been designed to maximize your market research agency’s profits, not your research objectives, then you will understand why we developed the only Pharma-Specific market research platform. Our unique platform delivers demand and pricing solutions based upon models and methodologies that have been extensively validated for use in the pharmaceutical industry to gain market access. It is also based upon efficient methodologies designed to maximize insights from fewer respondents (compared to traditional research methods).

We have approaches for each stage of your pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle. Behavior-Based Pricing and econometric pricing models for early stage assets, Payer Summit, Payer Conjoint and probabilistic van Westendorp for products coming to market. We also have international system models and price-demand elasticity models for products near or past launch.

Inpharmation runs Europe’s leading demand and price forecasting executive training courses; in all our projects we place great importance on transferring knowledge and skills to our clients.

The evidence-based approach to pharma conjoint is explained in detail in the book Pharma-Specific Conjoint: Evidence-based conjoint analysis for an evidence-based industry by Inpharmation’s founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson.

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