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Inpharmation’s Payer Summit qualitative research platform has been designed from the ground up to maximize the strategic insights you can gain when running payer market research. Traditional approaches to qualitative payer research typically offer poor results because they inadequately reproduce the real-world process of payer education. Inpharmation’s Payer Summit approach offers the following key advantages:
  • Payer Summit brings payers and clinical experts together, replicating real-world pricing and reimbursement dynamics.
  • The Payer Summit process increases the validity of payer market research, increasing a measure of payer research question comprehension up to 3x.*
  • Inter-country Payer Summits add additional system pricing insights vs. 1:1 payer research interviews.
*Increase in measure of payer understanding of questionnaire following Payer Summit process.
Increase in measure of payer understanding following Payer Summit process

Payer responses to pricing research are often indistinguishable from randomly generated numbers. For example, one way to measure the level of payer understanding of the drug and therapy area they are being asked to consider, is to ask the payers to rate the level of importance they place on each product attribute; when payers have no understanding of the product attributes they are looking at, you will see responses indistinguishable from random noise.

Getting meaningless results and random answers to your qualitative pricing research questions tends to happen when the payers surveyed either do not understand the product or the disease that they are being asked to respond on.

To maximize your payer research insights you need to reproduce the real-world interactions between payers and clinicians.

Of top-10 pharma companies are using Inpharmation pricing solutions.

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Evidence-based qualitative payer research

The reason 80% of the top-10 global pharma companies use Inpharmation’s evidence-based pricing solutions is because when you need accurate, reliable pricing insights, you need solutions that are based upon validated, Pharma-SpecificTM pricing tools and research methodologies.

In the real world, a formulary decision or pricing committee decision involves payers interacting with expert clinicians so that they understand the disease, the significance of clinical endpoints, etc.

Inpharmation has developed the Payer Summit as a means of recreating the payer/expert-clinician dynamic in a way that guarantees informed survey responses and therefore maximizes your strategic insights.

The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Value Pricing for Market Access: Evidence-Based Pricing for Pharmaceuticals by Inpharmation’s founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson.

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