International Reference Pricing Rules Database, powered by Flexi-IPRTM

Providing evidence-based international reference pricing information to the pharmaceutical industry

All IRP strategy solutions are supported by Inpharmation's in-house IRP rules database

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing solutions are powered by Flexi-IPR’s international reference pricing rules database; a truly global source of comprehensive reference pricing information.

Since the development of reference pricing in 1989 and its spread around Europe, and now the globe, internal and international reference pricing algorithms have become more and more complex. It is no longer possible to represent all referencing methodologies using a simple matrixed approach.

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing rules database has the granular detail needed for accurate international reference pricing analysis:

  • 33 different types of reference pricing methodologies covering over 3540 bits of reference pricing information applied with product-category specificity.
  • Covering a system of >90 countries to make sure your forecasts are based on full-system data, where possible sourced from national health agencies directly.
  • Expert-lead analysis used to combine the insights from multiple independent data sources and provide ‘best-estimates’ of reference rules to apply in informal-system countries.
Scale of countries included in the international price referencing database included in your Flexi-IPR subscription.

Inpharmation’s international reference pricing rules database fits to the requirements of your pricing and market access environment:
  • Regular updates: Calendar schedule updates based on the routine pricing and reimbursement rule updates of selected countries; ensure our international reference pricing database captures the latest scheduled updated. Ad-hoc changes are captured by our daily pharma newswire scans.
  • A low-risk solution: Inpharmation’s reference pricing rules database has evolved over to meet the requirements of the majority of the top-50 global pharma industry.
  • The most adaptable solution: Integrating the reference pricing database into your workflow is incredibly simple; all information can be automatically transferred into your tool and country-specific data can be reorganized and displayed according to your regional preferences.
Bits of reference pricing information Inpharmation can draw upon for international price referencing analysis.

“Inpharmation's approach to IPR offers an intuitive and comprehensive approach to modelling the complexities of the IPR environment. Their tool enables rapid "what-if" scenario analyses that simply could not be investigated without such a tool.
From the results we have been able to develop a number of informed strategies that have significantly reduced the impact of price erosions across Europe.”

Director Trade and Pricing, Top-20 pharmaceutical company

Evidence-based international reference pricing

For the past two decades, Inpharmation has championed an approach to strategic international reference pricing analysis that is built upon a solid evidence-base. This means that all Inpharmation’s reference pricing solutions are based upon:

  • The latest international and internal reference pricing methodologies being actively applied.
  • Independently-sourced reference pricing data, with direct inputs from national health agencies where available.
  • Principles that are actively being applied to minimize price erosion in the real-wold forecasts for top-50 pharma companies.

Included in all Inpharmation’s international pricing project deliverables is delivery and training from Inpharmation; leaders in passing on our knowledge to our customers, in fact 91% of pricing and market access course attendees highly rate our forecasting training.

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