Pharma-SpecificTM Market Simulators

Providing evidence-based demand market research simulators to the pharmaceutical industry

When you’ve chosen the best designed market research approach to answer your strategic business questions, you deserve an expert-designed market research simulator to deliver the results.

Inpharmation’s Pharma-Specific quantitative market research platform has been developed to meet the unique requirements of pharmaceutical market research; this includes your post-research market simulation environment, FlexiSim. FlexiSim combines the power of Inpharmation’s efficient market research with the pharma-specific forecasting power of FlexiCast™. Users benefit from:

  • 47% relative reduction in forecast error from Inpharmation’s pharma-specific conjoint analysis methodology vs. traditional discrete choice-based conjoint analysis.*
  • FlexiCast’s pharma-specific forecast models that can reduce forecast error up to 75%.**
  • Up to 15 charts and graphics to display how your brand fits into the market, so you can understand how your brand is positioned against the competition.
*Reduction in relative forecast error for pharma-specific conjoint (n=20) vs. best choice-based conjoint method (n=40).
**Taking a combined approach vs. a standard dilution model approach.
Reduction in forecast error provided by Inpharmation’s pharma-specific self-explicated conjoint vs. discrete choice-based conjoint.*

FlexiSim provides a simple environment to view the powerful results from your pharmaceutical market research, including the following options specific for your research project requirements:
  • Country, indication and patient segmentation options.
  • Simple updating and comparison of product profiles.
  • Up to 15 charts to view and compare product profiles, attributes, importances, weights and competitive ability.
  • Tools to merge your share forecasting with a fuller patient or sales-based forecast.
  • Scenario analysis tools.

When you choose Inpharmation’s Pharma-Specific quantitative market research platform,  an Inpharmation questionnaire design expert will guide you through the survey design process. Not only are pitfalls of poor questionnaire design avoided, but you gain access to Inpharmation’s decades of experience helping to translate your strategic business questions into results.

Charts and graphics available to powerfully communicate strategic research results.

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Evidence-based conjoint & quantitative research

For the past two decades, Inpharmation has championed an approach to pharmaceutical conjoint analysis and quantitative market research that is built upon a solid evidence base. This means that all Inpharmation’s marketing research analysis is based upon:

  • Questionnaire design which draws from principles that avoid biased or random survey responses.
  • Methodologies shown to be accurate for pharmaceutical market research respondent populations.
  • Methodologies that have been validated in many different therapy areas.
Included in all Inpharmation’s international pricing project deliverables is industry leading training. 91% of pricing and market access course attendees highly rate our forecasting training.


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