FlexiCast™ Flow Models

Providing evidence-based flow models to the pharmaceutical industry

Also includes flow calibration tools

Modelling the flow of patients across different states (treated,
untreated, lapsed etc.) normally requires sophisticated standalone software. This causes problems because forecasts are no longer in a familiar Excel format. Data can be trapped within the stand-alone, black-box systems model. Spreadsheets can no longer be transferred between users.

In the past, flow modelling could only be accomplished with complex stand-alone software. This is no longer true, as powerful flow modelling functionality can now be dropped into your spreadsheet models with FlexiCast, which includes pre-built flow models and flow-modelling tools to help make sense of your real-world data.

Pre-built, stress-tested flow model tools within FlexiCast

“a great tool… based on evidence. This makes it a lot easier to sell forecasting results to top level decision makers.”

Top 20 Pharma Company

“Europe’s most respected pharma forecasting specialist consultancy.”

Centre For Executive Leadership for Pharma
FlexiCast is Inpharmation’s evidence-based pharma forecasting software, developed specifically for the challenges faced by pharmaceutical forecasting, business development and marketing teams. Inpharmation has been delivering evidence-based forecasts to the pharmaceutical industry for two decades and FlexiCast distills the evidence-based forecast principles that we’ve developed into a flexible and easy-to-use forecast platform.

FlexiCast is designed from the ground-up to flexibly fit into your forecast workflow. When you purchase FlexiCast you gain access to the following:

  • 73 demand forecast models and tools that have been developed specifically for pharma forecasts.
  • Pharma-validated peak share models that can reduce your forecast error by up to 75%*.
  • Pharma-Specific™ combined forecast approaches that can reduce forecast error up to 70%**.

*Taking a combined approach vs. a standard dilution model approach. **Based on a combination of extrapolation methods vs. an uncombined random-walk approach.

The evidence behind Inpharmation’s fact-based approach to pricing is meticulously documented in the book Sales Forecasting for Pharmaceuticals: An Evidence-Based Approach by Inpharmation’s founder and Chairman, Gary Johnson.

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