Emma Findlater

Emma Findlater

Principal Consultant

Emma’s consulting experience has made her an expert in market research. She also is the international reference pricing technical point-of-contact for many clients and is a clear communicator, able to easily identify and resolve misunderstandings.

Emma is the head of Inpharmation’s internal stakeholder mapping team due to her skill of identifying the right respondents for a project; she leads major projects involving payers, patients, doctors etc. across the world, and works across all major therapy areas.

Emma makes the process of market research easy and accurate by expertly identifying what data is required, formulating clear and unbiased market research questions, and interpreting the results coherently. She has a wealth of knowledge surrounding the major causes of error in pharma market research and knows how to avoid them.

Emma holds a master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford.

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